Wordle Today Answer and Hints for #901 on December 07, 2023

Get today’s wordle answer and hints for wordle number 901 on December 07, 2023. If you are not able to solve today’s wordle then we are here to help you with hints, and super clues to find today’s correct word.

We aim to help you in Wordle. If you’re stuck, these hints will help you solve today’s puzzle. Also, at the end of this post, we’ll reveal the correct answer for today’s Wordle.

Today's wordle Answer and Hints

We have spaced out our hints and super hints so that you can solve the puzzle by using one hint at a time. We have also created some super hints to help you successfully identify today’s word and secure a win. As you’re limited to 6 attempts, today’s Wordle must be solved within these tries.

Today’s Wordle Hints and Super Hints for December 07, 2023

Yesterday’s Wordle was pretty straightforward. If you had picked better starting words, you’d likely have cracked the puzzle. Today’s Wordle word is a common everyday term. If you start it with the best starting word then you will be able to find wordle words today. If you still struggle, these hints can help you solve it.

Spoiler Warning: The answer and clues for today’s Wordle are about to be revealed below. To avoid spoilers, slowly scroll the screen!

Here are the Hints:

  1. It starts with the letter ‘S’.
  2. It is a verb and a noun.
  3. It has a repetitive letter.
  4. Today’s word has 2 vowels.
  5. Think about a common word that lets you rest and rejuvenate, especially at night.

Still Stumped?

Super Hint 1. It’s the essential nightly activity that recharges your body and mind.

Super Hint 2. Often accompanied by a cozy bed and a mind free to wander, this word is your body’s way of recharging.

Super Hint 3. Lack of it can lead to various health issues.

Super Hint 4. It’s a crucial part of the body’s natural rhythm.

Super Hint 5. Different stages characterize the sleep cycle.

Today’s Wordle Answer for #901 on December 07, 2023

If you are still struggling with today’s Wordle, don’t worry! We have the answer for you so that your game score won’t be spoiled.

Today’s Wordle Answer (December 07, 2023) is: ‘SLEEP’

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