Wordle Today Answer and Hints for #896 on December 02, 2023

Are you struggling to solve today’s Wordle puzzle? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We offer top-notch hints to guide you toward the correct answer, which can be found at the end of this post – all for free!

The new Wordle puzzle for today has been released. It took us three tries to solve it. To assist you, we’ve created some hints to help you find today’s Wordle word. Yesterday, many players were unable to solve the puzzle. However, those who followed our hints were able to solve it quickly. Today’s puzzle is much easier compared to yesterday’s.

Wordle Today Answer and Hints for #896

Let’s use these hints to solve today’s wordle.

Today’s Wordle Hints and Clues for 896

We have the hints, word clues, and the full answer. The answer is hidden, so don’t worry about accidental spoilers.

Here are the hints:

  1. The Word starts with the letter ‘G’.
  2. It has 1 repeated Vowels.
  3. The Letter ‘E’ is in the last spot.
  4. It is the synonym of ‘Class’ and ‘Category’.

Still Stumped?

Don’t worry! Here are some Super hints:

Super Hint 1: Books, movies, music, and art are often grouped into these.

Super Hint 2: It helps audiences know what to expect from a particular piece of work.

Super Hint 3: It often dictates a creative work’s tone, style, and content.

Super Hint 4: Some common examples include mystery, romance, science fiction, and fantasy.

Super Hint 5: Artists and creators might experiment by blending multiple genres.

Wordle Answer for #896 on December 02, 2023

If you are still unable to solve the puzzle despite following the hints mentioned above, please do not be disheartened. We have provided the answer to today’s word puzzle for your convenience. You can easily find the answer in the photo provided below, and we have also written it in text format for your reference.

Today's Wordle Answer on December 02, 2023

The Answer for Today’s Wordle 896 is: ‘GENRE‘.

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