Wordle Today #942 Hints and Answer is Here

Check and get the NY Times Wordle answer for January 17, 2024, for Wordle number 942. If you’re stuck on the game and need hints or want to see today’s word, you’ve come to the right website. In today’s article, we will share Wordle hints and the answer for Wordle number 942.

Wordle is a globally popular word puzzle game, known for its addictiveness and mental benefits. Whether you’re a Wordle enthusiast or a regular player, you’re likely aware of the game’s capacity to sharpen your mind and enhance your vocabulary.

Wordle today answer and hints

Every Wordle player occasionally finds themselves stuck in the game due to its difficulty, and our minds may struggle to grasp the word at times. That’s why we regularly share hints and answers for the Wordle game. Let’s reflect on yesterday’s Wordle word – it was ‘blond.’ Although it may sound easy to crack, a significant number of players faced challenges in yesterday’s game because their starting word wasn’t the best fit.

Today’s Wordle Word may seem challenging, but starting with a strong initial guess makes it easier to crack. Additionally, we’re here to assist you with our hints and super hints to improve your game. We suggest checking one hint at a time to maintain the joy of playing without spoiling the experience.

Wordle 942 Hints and Super Hints

Cracking today’s Wordle puzzle was a breeze – only three tries! Now, we’re ready to share hints and super hints to assist you in the game.

Caution: Game Spoilers ahead, Scroll at your own risk!

Here are the hints:

  1. It starts with the letter ‘C’.
  2. It has 2 vowels.
  3. There is no repetitive word in today’s word.
  4. It is a noun.
  5. The end letter is ‘T’.

Still Stumped?

Best Word to start the Game: “COULD

Here are the Super Hints:

Super Hint 1. The word is often associated with legal proceedings.

Super Hint 2. Think about a place where judgments are made.

Super Hint 3. Part of a sports venue where matches are held.

Super Hint 4. Rhymes with ‘short.’

Super Hint 5. Commonly found in a courthouse.

Nytimes Wordle Today 942 Answer for January 17, 2024

Now, here is the answer. We’ve offered you the best word, hints, and super hints to help you crack the puzzle. If you simply want to see the word or haven’t been able to solve today’s puzzle yet, you can find the answer below the image and also within the image.

wordle today 942 answer

Wordle Today’s answer is: ‘COURT

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