The Warehouse Supervisor’s Lucky Break and Winning Tactics, in Today’s Wordle

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I have been playing Nyt Wordle for the past six months, employing various strategies that have proven successful. However, there are instances when sheer luck becomes a pivotal factor in securing a win. Today, on December 1, 2023, I found myself facing a time crunch as I prepared for my job as a warehouse supervisor. Despite the urgency, my devotion to Wordle compelled me to engage in game number 895.

Wordle Screen with word Speak

I opened the nyt games application and clicked on today’s wordle game number 895 without thinking much. I always think a lot to put my first word but today I chose the word “SPEAK” without much contemplation. The outcome, as depicted in the attached screenshot, revealed that three letters—E, A, and K—were part of the answer.

The only issue was that these words were not in the correct positions. Undeterred, I swiftly entered a second word, “WEAKS,” but this wasn’t in Wordle’s word list. Substituting the initial letter with ‘L’ I entered ‘LEAKS’, but the correct positions remained elusive.

For my third attempt, I took a moment to reflect on words containing the letters E, A, and K in different orders. First I thought of ‘SHAKE’ but then I remembered that ‘S’ is already opt out. So, “WAKEN” emerged as a potential candidate, and to my delight, four tiles turned green.

The only non-green letter, ‘W,’ prompted a shift in my thinking from “Whisky” to “Tango,” and yes I was correct, it was the word “TAKEN” that secured my victory.

This swift triumph, achieved in less than a minute, reinforced the idea that luck can play a significant role in Wordle, particularly when approached with a lighthearted and passionate attitude. Today’s nyt wordle game served as a testament to the unpredictable yet delightful nature of Wordle, where even a randomly chosen word like “SPEAK” can lead to success.

To validate my claim, I’ve included a screen recording of today’s gameplay for your review.

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