Wordle Game 901: HORNY, The Worst “First Wordle Word” for me (Video Attached)

Worst but first: Today, on December 7th, 2023, I found myself engrossed in my daily post-lunch ritual—playing Wordle. This seemingly simple yet addictive game has become integral to my routine. The anticipation and thrill of solving the NYT Wordle puzzle each day excite me, prompting me to experiment with various starting words to crack the code.

For the 901st edition of the NYT Wordle game, I decided to kick off with the word “H-O-R-N-Y.” Little did I anticipate the outcome; as soon as I entered those letters, every tile turned a disheartening shade of gray. It was a blow to my usual method, signaling that none of those letters were part of today’s answer. Nevertheless, this setback was a valuable hint—it wasn’t starting with “H-O-R-N-Y.”

I shifted gears, opting for “K-I-T-E-S” in my next attempt. Alas, only the last two letters, “E” and “S,” lit up in green and yellow, respectively, leaving me with more blanks to fill and a ticking clock. My aim has always been to crack the puzzle within four attempts, so with each incorrect guess, the pressure intensified.

Undeterred, I strategized and placed my hopes on “S-A-F-E-R” as my third word. Finally, a glimmer of success! The letter “S” emerged as the first piece of the puzzle. Energized by this breakthrough, I pushed forward, pondering extensively before inputting “S-Q-U-E-E” for my fourth attempt. This move provided me with the third correct letter, “E,” while highlighting “S” as the first letter (green), “E” in the fourth position (green), and another “E” in the fifth position (yellow). It was a partial victory, but the ultimate solution remained elusive.

The pressure mounted as I approached my fifth attempt; failing to solve it by the sixth would be a considerable letdown. I delved into the depths of my vocabulary, exhausting every possibility with the configuration “S-*-E-E-P.” To my dismay, no unconventional word came to mind. “SLEEP” lingered at the forefront, but I hesitated, skeptical that the answer to today’s puzzle could be so straightforward. Doubts lingered, clouding my confidence, but faced with no other viable options, I summoned the courage to take the risk and submitted “S-L-E-E-P.” A rush of emotions surged within as the tiles transformed into vibrant shades of green, validating “S-L-E-E-P” as the elusive solution I had been seeking. Relief washed over me, replacing the initial disappointment with a sense of accomplishment.

Check out My Screen Recording!

The experience of today’s NYT Wordle game was exhilarating. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, from the initial letdown to the euphoria of finally deciphering the puzzle. I’ve included a screen recording of my gameplay below, capturing the twists and turns of this thrilling Wordle session.

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