Wordle Answer and Hints Today on December 04, 2023 (#898)

Get today’s Wordle answer on December 04, 2023, for Wordle 898. Use our helpful hints and clues to solve today’s Wordle.

The New York Times releases a daily word puzzle called Wordle. Our experts provide top hints and super hints to help you solve the puzzle each day. Yesterday’s puzzle was a bit challenging, but many players were able to solve it with the help of our hints and super hints.

Wordle answer December 04, 2023

Today, we were able to successfully solve the Wordle game in just four attempts. We would like to share some helpful hints and clues that we think might be useful for anyone else who is currently stuck on today’s game.

These hints are the most genuine and top-notch tips available, and we are eager to share them with you. With our super hints and clues, we hope to help you succeed in today’s game.

Today’s Wordle Hints for 898 on December 04, 2023

Before providing hints, we want to caution you about potential game spoilers. If you prefer solving the game yourself, please proceed slowly as we’ve created enough space between each hint to minimize the risk of spoiling your gaming experience.

Here are the hints:

  1. It starts with the letter ‘W’.
  2. It is a noun and a verb.
  3. The word has a single vowel.
  4. There are no repetitive letters.
  5. It ends with the letter ‘T’.

Still Stumped?

Don’t Worry! we’d be happy to help you! To make your Wordle game easier, here are some great hints:

Super Hint 1. It’s the opposite of “best.”

Super Hint 2. When comparing options, this word indicates the least favorable.

Super Hint 3. Synonyms include “poorest,” “lowest,” or “most unfavorable.”

Super Hint 4. Think of a ranking system – this word represents the lowest position.

Today’s Wordle Answer for 898 (04/12/2023)

If you are struggling to figure it out, don’t worry – we’re here to assist you. As you may recall, we provided some helpful hints to solve today’s wordle. We suggested that the word you are looking for has synonyms that mean the poorest and lowest and that it is associated with the lowest position in a ranking system. So, the answer to today’s Wordle is ‘WORST’.

Today’s Wordle Answer is: ‘WORST

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