Wordle Today Answer and Hints for #919 on December 25, 2023 (Christmas Puzzle)

In the Christmas festive edition of Wordle 919, Wordle players hoped for an easy puzzle, but today’s challenge is also a head-scratcher. Get today’s Wordle answer and hints for #919 on December 25. If you’re stuck on today’s Wordle, our hints and super hints can help your game.

You can crack the puzzle by reading these hints. And if you want to see the word, it’s available at the end of this post.

Every day a new puzzle is launched by Wordle for worldwide players. If you are a Wordle enthusiast or just started playing the game then you already know about Wordle fun. Every midnight a new word is launched to crack by players.

Wordle Answer december 25

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How to play today’s Wordle that can enhance your chances of winning? (Follow these steps)

  1. Start with a vowel: Since “e” is the most common vowel and appears in the word, try starting with it. It helps to get a sense of the vowel placements in the word.
  2. Look for common consonants: Considering “e” and “o” are confirmed letters, try consonants that often pair with these vowels, like “v” and “k.”
  3. Eliminate uncommon letters: Based on the previous steps, avoid using letters that are less likely to be in the word. This strategy helps to narrow down possibilities quickly.
  4. Focus on letter combinations: Utilize the confirmed letters to test different combinations of remaining letters, keeping in mind the letter frequency in common English words.
  5. Keep track of letter positions: Once you discover new letters, note their positions and eliminate impossible options based on the information you’ve gathered so far.
  6. Prioritize guesses: Based on the likelihood of letters appearing in the word, prioritize your guesses. For instance, if you’ve exhausted common letters, consider trying less common ones that might fit the pattern.
  7. Be strategic with your last attempts: As you approach the end, be methodical in your guesses, using the information you’ve gathered to make educated choices.

Still not get the Word! don’t worry use the below hints.

Today’s Wordle Hints and Super Hints for 919

Today’s word is a head-scratcher. If you’re stuck on the game, don’t worry; use our hints and super hints that can ensure your victory.

Here are the hints:

  1. It starts with the letter ‘E’.
  2. It has 3 vowels.
  3. Today’s word has a duplicate letter.
  4. The last letter of the word is also ‘E’.

Still Stumped?

Here are the Super Hints:

Super Hint 1. This word means to bring forth memories, feelings, or responses.

Super Hint 2. When you think of something and make it come to mind, you ___ it.

Super Hint 3. It’s often used in discussions about art, emotions, or memories.

Super Hint 4. Think about how a powerful movie scene or a moving piece of music might do this to your emotions.

Super Hint 5. Synonyms include summon, elicit, and invoke.

Wordle 919 Answer (December 25, 2023)

If you’re still confused about what the correct word is, then here is the answer for today’s Wordle: ‘EVOKE’ is the correct word.

Today’s Wordle Answer is: ‘EVOKE

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