Wordle Today #990 Answer, Hints, and 7 Super Clues on March 05, 2024

Get today’s Wordle 990 Answer, Hints, and 5 Super clues on the authentic Wordle hints website. If you are stuck in today’s game and want some hints or clues, then you have come to the right website. We, at ‘nytimeswordle.today‘, regularly provide daily Wordle hints, clues, and answers for Wordle players.

We also have the answer, but we understand that knowing the exact word can spoil the game, so we provide the answer at the end of this article. If you just want to know the word, then scroll down.

Wordle 990 Hints and Answer

Daily word puzzle games are highly addictive for those who play Wordle regularly. This game is world-famous as an online daily word puzzle game. The game’s popularity is at its peak because it is addictive and beneficial for all age groups. It enhances your vocabulary and improves your word knowledge.

Wordle #990 Hints and Super Clues

We have crafted some hints and super clues for today’s wordle game. Below we are going to provide you the hints and super clues for today’s game.

Here are the hints:

  1. It starts with the letter ‘H’.
  2. It ends with the letter ‘H’.
  3. It has One repetitive letter.
  4. It has 1 Vowel.
  5. It is a noun or adverb.

Still Stumped?

Don’t worry; We have crafted some super clues that will surely help you in the game.

7 Super Clues for today’s Wordle 990

  1. A gut feeling or intuition.
  2. It’s often described as a suspicion or a notion.
  3. A hazy idea or a vague sense of something.
  4. Sometimes described as a premonition or a guess.
  5. It’s like a mental nudge or a subconscious insight.
  6. A form of insight that’s difficult to explain rationally.
  7. You might have one when you feel like you know the answer without being able to explain why.

Wordle 990 Answer for March 05, 2024

If you’re still grappling with finding the correct answer and haven’t quite cracked it yet, fear not! We’re here to help. However, we initially avoided revealing the answer to avoid spoiling the game. Here it is, the answer to today’s Wordle puzzle: ‘HUNCH

Wordle 990 Answer is: ‘HUNCH

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