Wordle 989 Answer, Hints, and 5 Super Clues for March 04, 2024

Get today’s Wordle 989 answer, hints, and 5 super clues on March 04, 2024. If you are stuck in today’s puzzle and want some help, we have hints and super clues here that will surely assist you in the game. We also have the answer, so if you want to know the word, it is also here.

Wordle is the world-famous online word puzzle game. It launches a new puzzle every midnight worldwide. There are billions of Wordle players who want to solve this game daily because it increases your mind’s sharpness, and vocabulary, and improves thinking.

wordle 989 answer and hints

Today’s puzzle appears to be quite challenging. The game can become quite tough if your initial word doesn’t contain any correct letters. However, despite being a common word used in our daily lives, finding a five-letter word within six tries can be challenging. If you’re having trouble, make use of our hints and super clues; they will surely assist you in finding them.

Today’s Wordle 989 Hints and 5 Super Clues

Here are the hints:

  • It starts with the letter ‘F’.
  • It ends with the letter ‘E’.
  • It has 2 vowels.
  • There are no repetitive letters available in today’s word.
  • It is a noun.

Still Stumped?

Don’t worry; we have 5 super clues that surely will help you in the game.

5 Super Clues for Wordle 989 on March 04, 2024

  1. It dances and flickers in the darkness.
  2. It’s often found atop candles.
  3. A source of warmth and light.
  4. What you see when you strike a match.
  5. It can be extinguished by blowing on it.

Wordle 989 Answer for March 04, 2024

If you are still struggling to find the word then don’t worry we have the answer here. So today’s wordle answer is: ‘FLAME’.

Wordle Today 989 Answer is: ‘FLAME

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