Wordle 986 Answer, Hints, and 11 Super Clues on March 01, 2024

Discover today’s Wordle answer, hints, and 5 super clues for March 01, 2024. If you find yourself stuck in the game and need assistance, you’ve landed on the perfect website. We specialize in Wordle, offering unlimited gameplay along with invaluable hints, answers, and clues for the daily puzzle.

Today’s Wordle puzzle presents a formidable challenge, but fear not! Our team of seasoned Wordle players has conquered it, and we’re here to offer you hints and clues to aid your gameplay. Furthermore, if you’re eager to unveil the solution, it awaits you after this article.

Wordle 986 March 01 Answer

Let’s delve into today’s Wordle puzzle with hints and super clues provided to uncover the elusive word.

Wordle 986 Hints and 5 Super Clues

Here are the hints:

  1. It starts with the letter ‘F’.
  2. It ends with the letter ‘Y’.
  3. It has only 1 vowel.
  4. There are no repetitive letters in today’s word.
  5. It is a number after 39.

Still Stumped?

Here are the Super Clues:

  1. It’s the sum of four tens.
  2. It’s the age when life begins, according to some.
  3. It’s the number of players in an American football team.
  4. It’s the second number in a classic nursery rhyme about blackbirds.
  5. A basketball game consists of this many minutes per half.
  6. It’s the age milestone often dreaded by some, marked by “over the hill” jokes.
  7. There are this many weeks in roughly ten months.
  8. It’s the typical number of players on a rugby team during a game.
  9. A classic card game involves building stacks of cards until you reach this number.
  10. The number of thieves in Ali Baba’s tale.
  11. There are this many acres in a parcel of land, traditionally.

Wordle 986 Answer for March 01, 2024

We have provided hints and super clues to help you in today’s game. But if you are still struggling to find the word then don’t worry; we have the answer for today’s wordle.

Today’s Wordle 986 Answer is: ‘FORTY

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