Wordle 976 Today’s Answer and Hints on February 20, 2024

Wordle is a popular online game that challenges players to guess a five-letter word in six tries or less. Every day, a new word is chosen and players can see how many letters they got right or wrong after each guess. The game was created by Josh Wardle, a British software engineer, who originally made it for his partner during the lockdown.

Wordle 976 Answer and Hints

Today’s wordle, number 976, is a medium-difficulty word that has many possible meanings. It can be used to describe a sporting event, a small wooden stick, or a romantic partner. It starts with the letter M and has no repeated letters. Here are some hints and clues to help you solve it:

Wordle 976 Hints and Super Clues

– The word is a noun that can also be used as a verb.
– The word rhymes with “catch” and “patch”.
– The word is often used with the prepositions “to” or “with”.
– The word can be followed by “box”, “point”, or “stick”.
– The word is related to fire, light, and sparks.

Here are some Super Hints:

  1. It ignites with a flick, bringing warmth and light.
  2. Striking it creates a tiny spark, perfect for starting a fire.
  3. Often found in packs, waiting to be lit.
  4. Comes in various sizes, from tiny to large.
  5. It’s indispensable for camping trips and survival situations.
  6. Used in sports like soccer and tennis to ignite competition.
  7. Essential for lighting candles, especially on birthdays.
  8. Known for its combustible tip and wooden body.

Answer for Today’s Wordle 976 (February 20, 2024)

If you are still stuck, here is the answer: the word is MATCH. Did you get it right? If not, don’t worry, there will be a new wordle tomorrow for you to try again. Have fun.

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