Wordle Today #955 Answer & Hints for January 30, 2024 (5 Super Clues)

Get today’s Wordle answer, hints, and super clues to solve the puzzle on January 30, 2024. If you’re stuck and need assistance, this website provides game hints that will help you secure today’s win. Additionally, we have today’s Wordle answer, which is revealed at the end of this article to ensure your game remains unspoiled from accidental peeks.

Wordle is an online daily puzzle-solving game that we strongly recommend to everyone. It not only enhances your vocabulary knowledge but also sharpens your mind. Dedicate just 10 to 15 minutes a day to playing word puzzles, and you’ll surely experience an improvement in your mental prowess. Our team is highly experienced in cracking the daily Wordle game.

Today’s Wordle appears to be a real head-scratcher for everyone. If your initial guess doesn’t include strong letters, it might pose a challenge. However, if you manage to guess some letters correctly and place them in the right positions, the puzzle becomes easier to crack.

Wordle Today 955 Answer and Hints

Yet, when your starting word lacks any correct letters in the right positions, solving today’s puzzle can be quite challenging. Feel free to try our hints and super clues to help you unravel it.

Wordle #955 Hints and 5 Super Clues for January 30, 2024

In today’s Wordle, our team cracked it in just 4 tries. As you know, a strong starting word with correct letters in the right positions makes the game easier. If you feel stuck then try with our carefully crafted hints and super clues.

Caution: Game spoilers ahead. Scroll down slowly to avoid spoiling your game.

Here are the Hints:

  1. It starts with the letter ‘E’.
  2. It ends with the Letter ‘L’.
  3. It is a passive verb.
  4. Today’s word has a repetitive Letter.
  5. It has a repetitive vowel.

Still Stumped?

Don’t worry; we’ve prepared some super clues to assist you in the game.

5 Super Clues for today’s wordle

Here are the super clues:

Super Clues 1. This word means to force someone to leave a place or an organization, often as a punishment.

Super Clues 2. This term implies the removal or dismissal of someone from a position or place.

Super Clues 3. A more informal way to convey the idea of expelling someone, as if giving them the boot or kicking them out.

Super Clues 4. Implies a deliberate action of throwing someone out or excluding them from a group or place.

Super Clues 5. This word carries the idea of erasing or eliminating, often used metaphorically to indicate the removal of someone from a group or a record.

Wordle Today 955 Answer

We’ve provided you with hints and 5 super clues to help you crack today’s Wordle. If you’re still unable to solve it, we also have the answer for today’s Wordle. Additionally, we’ve created some hints and super hints that can be very useful in finding today’s word

Today’s Wordle Answer is: ‘EXPEL

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