Wordle 952 Answer, Clues, and 5 Super Hints for January 27, 2024

Here is the answer for today’s Wordle 952 on January 27, 2024. If you’re stuck in the game and need some clues, hints, or super hints, we’re here to help. Also, if you just want to see today’s word, it’s available at the end of this post.

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wordle 952 answer on january 27, 2024

In today’s Wordle, our team cracked it in just 4 tries. As you know, a strong starting word with correct letters in the right positions makes the game easier. After that, you can try different combinations.

Wordle 952 Clues and Super Hints

Today’s Wordle seems very easy if you start with the best word. We began today’s game with the common word ‘Sneak’ and pressed the enter button. Now, we have the letters S and N in the right positions, and some other letters are correct but in the wrong position. This helped us in the game, and we were able to crack the January 27, 2024 Wordle in just 4 tries.

Now that we have the answer, we’re ready to provide you with clues and some super hints that will help you in today’s Wordle game.

Here are the clues:

  1. It starts with the letter ‘S’.
  2. It ends with the letter ‘E’.
  3. It has 2 vowels.
  4. It is a noun.
  5. Today’s word has no repetitive letters.

Still Stumped?

Don’t worry; we’ve crafted some super hints that will surely help you in the game if you understand them.

Here are the 5 Super Hints:

Super Hint 1. It’s a reptile with no legs.

Super Hint 2. Often associated with cunning and danger.

Super Hint 3. Famous for shedding its skin

Super Hint 4. Some species are venomous.

Super Hint 5. Plays a role in the ecosystem by controlling rodent populations.

Wordle #952 Answer (January 27, 2024)

We’ve crafted some clues and super hints to help you find the word. If you’re still struggling to discover today’s answer, it’s revealed here. While we encourage finding it yourself, sometimes our minds need a nudge. Today’s Wordle answer is: ‘SNAKE.’

Wordle 952 Answer is: ‘SNAKE

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