Today’s Wordle #892 Answer and Hints on November 28, 2023

Get Wordle Hints, Clues, and Answer on November 28, 2023. We have revealed the solution for today’s Wordle answer

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Wordle Hints and Answer: November 28, 2023

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So let’s start with some hints to solve today’s wordle puzzle.

Today’s Wordle Hints for November 28, 2023 #892 series.

The NY Times Wordle game is a daily word guessing game. You have six tries to find the correct word. The game starts by showing you a word, and then you are given hints through green, yellow, and gray colors. Here’s how you can play Wordle: if you want to solve today’s puzzle, here are some hints to get started.

The best Word to Start today’s Wordle is: ‘SCOUT’

Here it is the Hints for today:

  1. Today’s Answer starts with the letter ‘S’.
  2. It has two Vowels and 3 Consonants.
  3. There are no repetitive letters.
  4. Today’s word ends with the letter ‘E’.
  5. Synonyms include “extent,” “range,” “purview,” or “reach.”

Still Stumped?

Here are some more:-

Super Hint 1: It refers to the extent or range of something.

Super Hint 2: Often used in project management to define boundaries and objectives.

Super Hint 3: It often precedes words like “of work,” “sequence,” “creep,” or “out.”

Super Hint 4: Found frequently in discussions related to job descriptions and responsibilities.

Still don’t get it, Don’t worry! Wordle 892 answer for, Tuesday, 28 November 2023, is mentioned below for our readers.

Today’s Wordle Answer for November 28, 2023

Here’s today’s Wordle answer. We’ve placed it at the end of the post so it won’t spoil your game. We’ve given you plenty of hints, so if you’ve read them carefully, you probably already know today’s word. You can find the answer in the image below.

Today's Wordle Answer November 28, 2023

The Answer for Today’s Wordle is: ‘SCOPE

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