What is the best Wordle strategy? Try these 5 strategies to win Wordle on your first attempt

NYT Wordle, the word game, or rather the game of mindful words, has become the latest social media trend. Whether you’re a student, an employee, or anyone else, you should not miss this trend. The game is straightforward and interesting, but without a good strategy, it can become frustrating.

Best 5 strategies to win Wordle

Therefore, before you begin playing the NYT Wordle game, familiarize yourself with all the basics and even some advanced strategies. In this article on NYT Wordle today, we will share 5 winning strategies, although you can also discover your tactics.

5 Best Strategies to Win Today’s NYT Wordle Game

Even John Wardle himself isn’t aware of which Wordle word will be the answer in today’s NYT Wordle game. In an interview, he mentioned that this game is fully driven by a mathematical code.

The game consists of a database of 13,000 words and 2,500 answers, making it intriguing for everyone. In this five-letter game, players are given six chances to guess the final word, and the top Wordle players are renowned for guessing it correctly in one attempt. So, let’s explore the strategies they follow to win Wordle:

Number One: Learn the Basics

Before playing any game, whether indoor or outdoor, understanding its rules and basics is crucial. NYT Wordle may appear simple, but if you approach it purely as entertainment without grasping the basic rules, it will become monotonous, prompting you to stop playing.

So, if you’re unfamiliar, here are the basic rules of the Wordle game. Please thoroughly comprehend them before playing today’s Wordle.

  • Objective: Guess the secret five-letter word within six attempts.
  • Five-Letter Word: The target word is randomly chosen, with each letter being different.
  • Guesses: You have six attempts to guess the word. Valid Words: Only valid English words are allowed as guesses.
  • Feedback: After each guess, you receive feedback in the form of colored tiles (Green: Correct letter in the correct position, Yellow: Correct letter but in the wrong position, Gray: Letter not in the target word).
  • Process of Elimination: Use feedback to refine guesses and eliminate letters for subsequent attempts.
  • Strategy: Start with a word that uses diverse letters to narrow down possibilities based on feedback.
  • No Repeated Guesses: You cannot guess the same word more than once in a single game.
  • Time Limit: There’s no specific time limit for making guesses. Winning: If you guess the word within six attempts, you win! If not, you lose and can start a new game.

Number Two: Choose Your First Wordle Word Wisely

First Wordle Word

This is the best strategy. If you are adept at choosing the first word in the NYT Wordle game, you will consistently emerge victorious. A strong start always leads to success. So, instead of randomly inputting a word, strategize, choose the word wisely, and then approach the game with a winning mindset. Here are five suggestions on how to select the first word in NYT Wordle:

Diverse Vowels and Consonants: Select a word that incorporates a variety of vowels and consonants. This maximizes the chances of correctly identifying letters in the target word and receiving useful feedback. For example: “CLOUD” – It contains different vowels and consonants, offering good coverage of possible letters.

Common Letter Usage: Opt for words that include commonly used letters in the English language. For instance, “SNAKE” or “HOUSE” are words with frequently occurring letters like S, E, A, N, H, and O, increasing the likelihood of guessing some correct letters.

Middle-Ground Length: Choose a word that’s neither too obscure nor too common in length. Five-letter words like “PLUMB,” “GLOVE,” or “QUIET” cover a fair spectrum without being excessively long or short.

Pronounceable Words: Words that are easily pronounceable often contain a mix of common letters. For instance, “CRISP” or “PLUCK” offers a balance of vowels and consonants that might aid in the initial stages of deduction.

Avoid Homophones and Proper Nouns: As the NYT Wordle game only accepts valid English words, steer clear of proper nouns or homophones that might not be recognized. Stick to everyday vocabulary to increase the chances of hitting the target word.

Number Three: Choose the Second and Third Words with a Systematic Approach

After entering the first word, you’ll receive suggestions. Use these suggestions to plan how to select the second and third words in the NYT Wordle game systematically.

Place the second and third words methodically. For instance, if you know that the second and fourth letters of the Wordle word are “A” and “E” in a five-letter word, you might try words like “rakes” or “pales,” etc.

Pay close attention to the feedback given after each guess. If a letter is confirmed but in the wrong position (yellow tile), attempt placing it in different positions within the word to deduce the correct combination. Experiment with different possibilities.

Number Four: Don’t Overthink

This is a fun game, and enjoyment comes from playing it with a relaxed mindset. If you feel stressed while playing the NYT Wordle game, reconsider your strategy. While playing Wordle, you can learn new words and spend quality time, but spending an excessive amount of time and mental energy on the game is not suitable.

Number Five: Play in Groups

Wordle is a single-player game, but playing it with friends and family can make it more enjoyable. Playing Wordle with others can make the game more entertaining and enhance your chances of winning. When you play together, everyone can contribute ideas and guesses, broadening the scope of words considered and increasing the likelihood of finding the right answer. Collaborating and discussing different strategies is enjoyable and can also lead to learning new words from each other.

These are general strategies for winning the NYT Wordle game. However, don’t solely rely on them; create your own game with your unique strategies. Feel free to share your Wordle playing experiences here.

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