How wordle was made? Here is the full conversation of what Josh Wardle, the creator of Wordle speaks about the Wordle journey

Wordle the viral 5 letter guessing game is very much appreciated by everyone. But how did this journey commence, why did Josh Wardle decide to create this game, what was his plan, and most amazing why did he choose only five words for Wordle, all these questions will be answered in this post.

This interview was taken by Marques (owner of Waveform clips). So here are the insights, please read carefully, credit goes to Waveform Clips.

How wordle was made? (Full Interview)

Josh wardle interview @ Waveform Clips

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Marques: I have this bunch of questions, wordle is a massive thing so I want to know why these are 5-letter words instead of 4 or 6. ?

Josh: yes, when I made the game the inspiration was from Mastermind a kid game, if you have ever played that. Guessing the color pattern was very similar to it. With Wordle, you have to guess which word is the next, so the mastermind was with 4 pada and the first version of this game was also with 4 words. But I felt it was not satisfying. It just didn’t feel good, so I changed the plan with five, six, and seven letters and finally, the five-letter wordle seems much better than others. And also I was a bad programmer so when the five-letter game looked amazing, I started experimenting with how many guesses and other things. So that is why i chose five letters for Wordle.

Marques: So, when we guess the words sometimes someone is lucky he answers it in the first or second attempt and sometimes not. So is there a dictionary of all five letter words, or do you know which word is gonna come tomorrow, I mean how it is planned?

Josh: Oh, this is very cool, where from these words come from? So there is a dictionary and there are about 13000 words in it which are of five letters. And these words are like you and me and anyone other is not aware of mostly. So when I built it in the starting I randomly picked some words. But in 2021 when I rebuilt it, I thought it will be unfair for someone who is playing Wordle for the first time and he is unable to guess any of the words because he never heard about it. So, this is when I decided on 2500 selected words that can be answered. And this runs on a code so I really don’t know which word is gonna come tomorrow and I really don’t play it.

Marques: So there are lots of game shows like common knowledge, where you have to answer questions of common knowledge and it is quite engaging. I wanna ask you there are some other version of Wordle like Nerdle, it is a math guessing game, are you aware of this? Which one is your favorite alternative to Wordle?

Josh: Ha Ha Ha… oh yes there is a game amm letterel, it’s the game where you have to guess the letter and you have 26 chances. There is another one free dordle that is also something different. These are very harder.

Marques: who was surprised that he/she also played wordle, I mean who has surprised you the most some celebrity or anyone you know?

Josh: No I don’t know many celebrities and I really don’t know who is playing. It’s cool if anyone from that lobby is playing Wordle.

Marques: I have been playing for weeks, and despite playing so many hours I don’t have good scores. Thanks, Josh… you have made an amazing game, God bless.

So this was the full conversation and the outcome is that this game was made with curiosity. The simplicity of the game is the only reason why it is so much appreciated. Again all credit goes to Waveform Clips YouTube channel.

If you are also a Wordle player and want to know anything related to Wordle please mention it in the comments section.

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