How did Wordle the five-letter game go viral? The Rise of a Word Puzzle Game

Wordle has been the most searched word on Google for the last two years. Players made it a part of their daily routine. Every morning or if I say morning to midnight, millions of people were trying to make all tiles green. People were sharing their results over the internet, and on social media platforms.

No puzzle game has been such popular in this decade as Wordle.  But how does that happen, why The New York Times bought this game with seven figures? We don’t have the exact answer because there may be several reasons for this, but we will be sharing what the first editor of the Wordle game (Tracy Bennett) said about this.

Here are the insights from an interview that was conducted 10 months ago at Today (The YouTube channel for the latest headlines).

When in January 2022 “The New York Times” bought the game, it was said that the game was made more difficult. To answer these questions about what happened to Wordle post acquisition The NYT, Tracy Bennett was called to the Studio of “Today”.

So, as it was an interview and is available on YouTube we will try to be as original as we can. Credit goes to the “Today”. Tracy Bennett was interviewed by two reporters about 10 months ago. Here are all the questions and answers that were asked of her and what she answered.

If you prefer reading then here is the full conversation:

Reporter: Good Morning, Welcome! You are the Wordle editor, Congratulations.

Reporter: What is the hardest part of your job?

Tracy: I think the hardest part of my job is researching the words. Make sure that they are what you know, good for solvers to solve, not too obscure or too hard to solve.

Reporter: When did you pick 569?

Tracy: About six weeks ago.

Reporter: What could you mean by 569?

Tracy: That is the word.

Reporter: Oh, Okay the number of the Puzzles that have run in the wordle.

Reporter: Some people think it was harder when “The NYT” bought it and you said you are still using the original word list that Josh Wardle was using, is that correct?

Tracy: Yes, it is correct. He set up a list of words that would go through 2027.

Reporter: In November you lost the plurality, right?

Tracy: Yes, it doesn’t end in ‘S’ or ‘ES’ like “GEESE”.

Reporter: We have a lot of questions, we are in a wordle group. We named it Wordle Nerdles. So do you think we should start Wordle every day with the same word?

Tracy: A lot of people do, But I think it’s also fun to be whimsical. I like being whimsical in my guesses.

Reporter: Do you do the same word?

Tracy: Yes

Reporter: What is that word?

Tracy: R-O-A-T-E

Reporter: I think it is on the list of Popular First Word of Wordle.

Tracy: I think the “A-D-I-E-U” word is the most popular.

Reporter: In how many guesses does an average person get the wordle answer?

Tracy: Four, Four guesses are about the average.

Reporter: Yes, we also end it at four. If it is five or six, we hold our heads in shame.

Reporter: Is there an easy mode or hard mode of wordle?

Tracy: Yes, today’s word which I won’t blow for people, in hard mode the average was 4.9 and for easy mode, it was 3.8.

Reporter: How did you know about the average?

Tracy: Research, I do my research.

Reporter: So you mentioned a good wordle word is not too obscure but let me ask you, this is probably a dumb question, aren’t you going to run out of five-letter words at some point?

Tracy: There is a universe of five-letter words that are wordle appropriate. I think before 2027, it is a good idea to put the old words back in and stir the pot.

Reporter: Do you use your power for evil, I mean is somebody cuts you off in the market and you think like tomorrow I am going to make America crazy?

Tracy: I am working for weeks and it would be a slow burn.

Reporter: What do you consider a hard wordle word, A word that is off the beaten path not a very common word or it is a word that is kind of common that’s harder for people?

Tracy: There are both categories as a word people have not recognized like P-A-R-E-R, P-E-A-R-E-R. Most of the people did not like that.

Reporter: What about the themes, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, do you have a word?

Tracy: Yeah on thanks giving I Ran the word F-E-A-S-T and some people liked it.

Reporter: It is a good thing for the game. People are passionate about Wordle. Now you are on the “Today” and people know you. You are the Wordle lady.

Reporter: What is the main cause of the popularity of NYT Worldle?

Tracy: It is simple and I like that you can only play it once a day for a 24-Hour hours. That is the beauty of the game.

Reporter: Yeah, it is more engaging. Thanks for your time.

So if you go through the full interview of Tracy Bennett, you will know some good things about this game. As she said average guesses are four, and the most popular first word is A-D-I-E-U. It may have changed till now but the thing is wordle is the only puzzle game that has gained so much of an audience and regular players. Josh Wardle himself was surprised by the popularity of this game.

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