Best 5 letter words for Wordle: Start your game with these words

Finding 5 letter words for Wordle isn’t too difficult if you’re a regular player. Every day, a new Wordle is launched worldwide. For Wordle enthusiasts, the first five-letter word is the key to winning.

Starting the game with the best Wordle words makes it easier, but selecting random words makes finding the Wordle answer difficult because you only have six tries, and each attempt helps find the correct word.

We’re here to help you with the best 5-letter words for Wordle to start your game. After using these words, you’ll be able to crack your game easily. They’re a combination of vowels and consonants, the best fit for your Wordle game.

Best 5 letter words for wordle

These words assist you in cracking your daily Wordle. Try them, and you will find the correct letters for your Wordle game.

Best 5 Letter starting words for Wordle

Here, we are going to share a tested Wordle words list that is best suited to start your next Wordle game. These words have been tested and are in the Wordle library, so don’t worry about any mistakes. Just try these words at the beginning, and you’ll definitely secure some correct spots in the game. After that, you can try different combinations.

๐ŸŒŸ Shake Up Your Wordle Game With These Words! ๐ŸŒŸ

  1. TOUCH – To make physical contact.
  2. ROAST – To cook with dry heat in an oven or over a fire.
  3. PIZZA – A savory dish made with a round, flattened base of dough.
  4. ADIEU – French for ‘goodbye’; a farewell or departure.
  5. EARLY – Happening before the expected time.
  6. MEATS – Various types of animal flesh are used as food.
  7. FARTS – The passing of gas from the digestive system.
  8. SPOUT – A tube or lip projecting from a container to pour liquids.
  9. READY – Prepared or willing to do something.
  10. ARISE – To come into existence or notice.
  11. PEARS – Sweet, juicy fruits with a characteristic shape.
  12. OUIJA – A board game used to communicate with spirits.
  13. STEAM – The vapor into which water is converted when heated.
  14. CAROM – To strike and rebound off a surface in billiards or pool.
  15. AUDIO – Relating to sound or the sense of hearing.
  16. DUCAT – Historical gold coin used in various European countries.
  17. TEARS – Drops of saline fluid produced by the eyes.
  18. CRAIC – Irish term for fun, entertainment, or enjoyable conversation.
  19. SOARE – A potential variation or spelling of ‘soar.’
  20. BOILS – Swollen, inflamed areas on the skin containing pus.
  21. ERGOT – A fungus that grows on grains, causing toxicity.
  22. WOUND – An injury to the body, typically involving a break in the skin.
  23. STEAK – A slice of meat, usually beef, suitable for grilling or frying.
  24. COUNT – To determine the total number of something.
  25. TARES – Weeds or unwanted plants in agriculture.
  26. OUIJA – A board game used to communicate with spirits.
  27. POETS – Individuals who write poetry or literary works.
  28. ENOKI – A type of mushroom commonly used in Asian cuisine.
  29. CHIEF – A leader or person in authority.
  30. SQUAB – Young, unfledged pigeons used as food.

These words help you in the game victory ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ” 

The most common letter pairs in the Wordle

Some of the most common letter pairs in the English language, which could potentially appear in Wordle puzzles

  1. TH
  2. HE
  3. IN
  4. ER
  5. AN
  6. RE
  7. ES
  8. ON
  9. EA
  10. TI

These pairs often occur frequently in words and might be seen in various Wordle puzzles. You can start your Wordle game using these pairs.

Most Common Letters in Wordle

In Wordle, the frequency of letters can vary, but based on English language statistics, here are approximate percentages of each letter’s occurrence:

  1. E – Approximately 11%
  2. A – Around 8.5%
  3. R – Roughly 7.6%
  4. I – About 7.5%
  5. O – Approximately 7.1%
  6. T – Around 6.9%
  7. N – Roughly 6.7%
  8. S – About 5.7%
  9. L – Approximately 4.0%
  10. C – Around 2.8%
  11. U – Roughly 2.7%
  12. D – About 4.3%
  13. P – Approximately 2.8%
  14. M – Around 2.4%
  15. H – Roughly 2.4%
  16. G – About 1.9%
  17. B – Approximately 1.5%
  18. F – Around 1.0%
  19. Y – Roughly 1.9%
  20. V – About 0.9%
  21. K – Approximately 0.5%
  22. W – Around 0.9%
  23. X – Roughly 0.2%
  24. Z – About 0.1%
  25. J – Approximately 0.1%
  26. Q – Around 0.1%

* These percentages represent the approximate frequency of each letter’s occurrence in English words, which can also be relevant in the context of Wordle.

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