Wordle #947 Answer and Hints for January 22, 2024

Get the Wordle today answer for January 22 and get valuable hints for #947 on this 22nd day of the new year. If you find yourself stuck in the game and need hints or simply want to reveal the answer for today’s Wordle, you’re in the right place.

While we do have the solution for today’s Wordle, we’ve placed it at the end of this article to prevent spoilers. Initially, we offer hints and super hints to assist you in cracking the game. Utilize these clues to enhance your gameplay experience.

wordle answer and hints for january 22, 2024

In this New Year’s Wordle will set new records. As Wordle continues to grow, its difficulty is also on the rise. Every day brings a fresh Wordle challenge with a new word to uncover. Today’s Wordle has been released by The New York Times. Feel free to play today’s game; if you find yourself stuck, this article is here to lend a hand.

Wordle Hints and Super Hints for 947

We provided you with yesterday’s Wordle answer before anyone else. Similarly, we have also provided you with today’s answer ahead of others. However, here are the hints and super hints; try using them first to crack the puzzle, ensuring your game remains unspoiled.

Here are the Hints:

  1. It starts with the letter ‘T’.
  2. It is in Past form.
  3. The last letter of the word is ‘K’.
  4. It has 2 vowels.
  5. There is no repetitive letter in today’s word.

Still Stumped?

Here are some super hints that can ensure your win:

Super Hint 1. Synonymous with “adjust,” “modify,” or “fine-tune.”

Super Hint 2. Commonly associated with making small changes to improve performance.

Super Hint 3. Used in various fields, including technology, mechanics, and design.

Super Hint 4. It can refer to both subtle and intentional modifications.

Super Hint 5. Think of it as a way to enhance or optimize a system or process.

Today’s Wordle Answer for 947 (January 22, 2024)

If you haven’t cracked it yet and are tempted to peek, today’s Wordle solution is available. However, keep in mind that revealing the answer doesn’t enhance the joy of the game or contribute to expanding your vocabulary knowledge. Embrace the challenge and savor the satisfaction of solving it on your own.

Wordle 947 Answer is: ‘TWEAK

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